Inviited  B2B, SaaS

A meeting scheduling app for cross timezone, cross organization teams.

A single link that puts in place attendee polling, or allow attendees to book directly into your Calendar.

Capsule   B2C, hardware, AI

A Privacy-first, photo & video storage product aimed at providing Google Photos like capability for your home. Think: real time photo backup, AI powered search, voice control, etc. In 3 years, we prototyped 2 hardware in the Capsule family:

  • Capsule Hub: Our patent pending AI backup solution. Raised almost US$50k on Kickstarter in 30 days
  • Capsule Frame: A voice enabled smart digital Frame with 2TB of onboard storage that backs up, displays, and shares


Marketplace, mobile e-commerce

5hops was a next generation mobile shopping experience. Giving shoppers seamless access to boutique brands they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Our self-publishing platform allowed a seller to be up and selling in under 15 minutes with full service capability across publishing, inventory management and payment processing.